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8 Secure Software Tips For Developing Reliable Production-Ready Applications

Monday, October 9th 2023.

Making secure software is a challenge yet it’s crucial for protecting data and business operations. New Relic recently hosted a Twitter Space with Harry Kimpel from Snyk and Frank Dornberger from movingimage to discuss ways that software engineers can build a security mindset that will ensure that their applications are reliable and ready for production.

In the course of this discussion, we came up with eight suggestions to help developers develop a security mindset to create more secure software. These tips are a result of that conversation and other research on how to make your company’s software as secure as it can be.

Make sure your employees know how to recognize and fix security holes in their code. With training, teach them secure coding techniques and how to guard themselves from common attacks like phishing. Set up regular, cross-functional discussions to introduce your team members to new threats and weaknesses. This will give your developers the opportunity to work alongside other teams that are facing the same issues.

Create an information base and documentation of the software security guidelines in your company. This will allow your employees to reference it when they are writing code, and make sure that everyone understands the rules.

Be aware of the security implications when using third-party libraries or components that are part of your applications. If they’re not updated regularly there’s a significant chance that they have security flaws that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Use a tool that checks for dependencies, libraries and other libraries in your source code to identify any issues.

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